Working From Home – Time for Marketing?


So your working from home and finally have time to do some of that marketing you have been going to get around to...... But where do you start?

I would like to offer some assistance to small businesses owners caught up in the interruption of Covid19, who are working from home and wanting to spend some time improving their website and digital marketing.

Over the coming months I will be posting activities to assist you in getting more customers from your online marketing.

There is an enormous amount of information about marketing on the net, and everyone seems to have a different idea of what's important and what works. It can be overwhelming, frustrations and time consuming.

So I will be posting some basic marketing tips that have helped my clients to improve their online marketing, these should help most types of businesses,  Service, Product or Ecommerce.


We will be looking at topics like:-

Website effectiveness, security and reporting.

Defining your Target Audience & why it's important to know who your ideal client is.

Keyword research, selection and how to use Keywords to get more potential clients to visit your website.

We will look at your website and improving your organic search ranking & SEO.

Starting with

Marketing Tip 1 - Checking your Business Digital Footprint or Online Presence

Read Marketing Tip 1
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